"I can have two faces, but I can’t have them at the same time" is a statement by one of the main characters in Identities. The book and the stage play encourage you to think about yourself (I/ your own person.) It features a pair of lovers that are estranged from one another due to non-communication, jealousy, distrust, and the fear of loss. The further the story progresses, reality and dream become increasingly blurred and fused together. The character’s  identities are called into question. The story is portrayed by two couples. One is the real couple and the other is a dream version or second face.

The real couple are dressed in real grey garments. The second ‘couple’ of dream figures are dressed in a printed copy of these real garments. Therefore initially they all look the same, but if the observer looks closer he or she will notice differences. An illusion is created and it causes irritation and trickery as to what is real and what is not.