Inside OutInside Out

With my collection I aim to create feelings of pleasure and beautiful disgust.
On the one hand there is the beauty of hair on the other is the new order and strange positioning of different hair types that generate a set of strange emotional responses in the viewer. The combination of a fear of touching and interfering with one’s personal space produces a grotesque feeling yet on the other hand the sense of delight and a curiosity to touch and feel.  Overall the experience is a contradiction in terms.

I tried to reproduce the feeling of the situations I experienced on the tube. When I noticed a woman in a white jacket standing in front of me had a single loose hair on her back, I felt an instinct to pick it off but stopped myself as I realised I was about to enter her personal zone. I sensed a prickle in my hand to pick off the hair but on the other hand a fear of entering someone’s personal space, creating a barrier between the play of touch and personal zone. I experienced a desire to break through the barrier of personal space, the bubble around another human being, but also feared invading someone else’s privacy.