Göttliche Metamorphosedivine metamorphosis

Sketches, drawings, installation, garments
An exhibition by mother and daughter Ursula and Jula Reindell in the cultural summer of Rhineland-Palatinate 2012 on the subject God and the World.

„The exhibition that Ursula Reindell and Jula Reindell have been working on for months has emerged as an impressive fusion of paintings, object-art, installation, performance, video-documentation and music. Despite many unique differences and autonomies (originalities) of the art mediums they use, they have one subject in common: the human body stands at the centre - the corpus - its fight with gravity, clothing, his or her atmospheric space and momentary nature.

„Devine metamorphose“ is an exhibition that deals with coming into being and expiry, the circle of life, the fleetingness of existence. The works by mother and daughter become a dialogue so that it seems that one subject emerges out of the other. (...)

Dr. Gabriele Kiesewetter